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Vision systems, IT consultation, & Machine Learning

Today, 90% of Sweden’s construction waste is incinerated. Robowaste AB is developing a sorting machine to help construction waste management companies turn costs into revenue. Read about how we use Vision systems in combination with Machine Learning to overcome this challenge.

Image processing, IoT, & Machine Learning

Wheelscanning is building more efficient tire management using AI and machine technology. We assist in developing Wheelscan, which measures tire tread depth, reads text, and detects tire damage using Vision systems and Machine Learning.

System development

Together with Not A Bad Idea, we are developing digital tools to streamline FC Group’s operations. These tools automate repetitive tasks such as payroll runs, automatic synchronization of shifts and employee information between Planday and Fortnox, and other internal tools.

System development & Laser technology

At Quick-Set, Norditech installs lasers to automatically sort defective parts in production to reduce waste. The system utilizes laser technology to scan each detail with extremely high precision and create a 3D image, which is then processed to determine whether the detail is approved or not.

IT consultation & AI Innovation

.Together with Eboss, we are developing LabelDetector. LabelDetector is an award-winning smart warehouse add-on that helps locate products in the warehouse with the goal of automating inventory and accounting, without requiring renovations or changes to the company’s current processes.

IT consultation

Norditech helps Rapid Dimension develop an innovative product that enables companies to create a digital library of drawings for various components. Using cutting-edge 3D technology, businesses can easily and quickly produce the components when needed.

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